Herman G. Cunningham
Company “M” 117th Infantry
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia London, Paris, Great Brittain, France, Italy, Belgium
Trained at Camp Sevier, SC, September 11, 1917. Arrived at Liverpool, England on May 23rd, 1918. Went to Calais, France and was attached to British 3rd Army Corps. Fought at Kemmell Hill, near Ypres, in Belgium until September 1918. From there, went to Somme front, Hinderburg line, and fought in the Battle of Bellcourt and other important battles on this line. On October 7th, 1918, this company, with a fighting strength of 77 men attached 400 Germans who were strongly entrenched in a railroad cut, a sunken road, and occupied a steep hill. 114 of the enemy were killed, 23 were found wounded on the field and 263 were captured; 42 machine guns were captured, 4 trench mortars, 2 “whizz bangs”, and a large amount of equipment. During the engagement, all of the officers became casualties and the Company was reduced to 34 men. On October 9th, the Company captured Blockstelle Woods and the towns of Becquieny and Busigny, the latter being the largest town captured by the Division. Arrived at Charleston, SC, on April 2, 1919. Paraded in Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga. Demobilized at Fort Oglethorpe, GA, April 16, 1920.